Important information about Covid-19

The safety of all
has the highest priority

In Covid times, correct behaviour as well as respectful treatment of everyone are especially important, to be able to guarantee a safe staging of the Marmotta Trophy.

Therefore, all participants must follow this steps:


After the arrival in Val Martello (Accreditation Office), the Super Green Pass will be checked. Only those persons who have a valid  Sars-Cov-2 vaccination or recovery proof can participate.

2. Testing

On arrival in Val Martello, a negative antigen test not older than 24 hours must be shown. It is possible to do this test on site in Silandro. The Covid-19 test centre is located in the Solaris pharmacy.

3. Accreditation

After showing the negative test result (antigen test), everyone will receive a personalised accreditation. This is necessary to enter the competition area.

4. Return

All persons, who will need for the return to the home country a negative PCR or antigen test, can contact the organising committee, which will help with the organisation and booking.

The Covid-19 protocol with all necessary information for download here.

For questions or reservations regarding Covid-19: e-mail: