Important information about Covid-19 – Skimo

The safety of all
has the highest priority

In Covid times, correct behaviour as well as respectful treatment of everyone are especially important, to be able to guarantee a safe staging of the Marmotta Trophy.

Therefore, all participants must follow this steps:

1. Super Green Pass (vaccinated/recovered)

On arrival at the Race (Saturday) or Accreditation (Friday) Office, the Green Pass will be checked. Only those athletes who have a valid  Sars-Cov-2 vaccination or recovery proof can participate.

2. Accreditation

After the Green Pass control and registration, each participant will receive a “hand-band” (to be worn during the entire race) as confirmation of the control carried out. The start-finish area may ONLY be entered with the appropriate accreditation.

3. FFP2 Mask

Masks FFP2 must be worn in all competition areas. Masks FFP2 do not have to be worn during the race: 1 minute before starting, competitors may remove face masks and place them in their own packet. Masks FFP2 must be worn after the finishing line.

For questions regarding Covid-19: